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The only true statement about cyber security is that it is not a matter of if you will get hacked, but when..

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Audit and Assessment completed by an Independent ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)


Develop strategic risk scenarios to mitigate organizational, market risks.


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Proper management of risk could lower your organizational costs
Our Cyber Insurance Products
   Breach Response

A data breach can have serious implications on the operations and reputation of an organization.

A Data Breach Response Policy goes beyond a traditional liability insurance policy. It also provides a service which helps organizations manage the aftermath of a breach as well as providing coverage for the costs of notifying clients, forensic investigations, credit monitoring for customers, legal costs and public relations services to help manage any reputational harm.


Liability claims from a data breach can be costly to organizations.

This policy provides coverage for third party claims and associated defense costs arising out of a data breach.

   Regulatory and Compliance

A data breach can also lead to significant regulatory fines and penalties. This is set to rise under an increasingly stricter regulatory landscape.

Most industries and businesses are regulated and must comply to several data protection and privacy rules: HIPAA, GDPA, PCI-DDS and many more. This policy provides organizations with coverage for the defense costs associated with regulatory investigations, to the extent insurable by law.


Ransom demands and malicious threats are on the rise.

This policy provides coverage for the costs in relation to restoring the organization’s affected systems.

  Business Interruption

Cyber incidents can lead to significant loss in revenue and bring business operations to a halt.

This policy provides coverage for the income loss resulting out of interruption to, or downtime of, an organization’s IT system. It also provides assistance in restoring the data, network and IT system.

   Reputational Harm

Cyber incidents can have detrimental effects on an organization’s reputation leading to loss of revenue.

This policy provides coverage for financial losses incurred from loss of contracts due to a cyber incident.

   PCI DSS Assessments and Fines

Organizations affected by breaches involving payment card data are exposed to PCI related fines and PCI DSS assessments.

This coverage deals with costs relating to stolen card data, reimbursements of card reissuing costs and forensic investigations into the extent of the misuse of the card data.

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