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Jim Odom 1951-2017

In Memoriam

Late Jim Odom of J.O. Services Insurance

Jim had nearly four decades of experience in the risk management industry. Mr. Odom had served in a number of senior leadership roles. He was risk manager of the City of Pensacola for over a decade, and served all J.O Services clients for the past 25 years with exceptional results. His mentoring and methods are the foundation of J.O. Services Insurance that we carry on to assure success to our established and new clients worldwide.

Hope is not a strategy.

Martha Odom

CEO & Special Projects

Martha is the CEO of J.O. Services Insurance

Martha's vast background has lead her in many directions. Her imagination and creativity provide J.O. Services Insurance clients with an essential ability to have a maximum impact on production and efficiency. Martha has a great ability to know and understand the needs of a growing company and provides insight on sustainable long term success for all of our clients.

If Plan A does not work the alphabet has 25 more letters!

Nealon Starr

Principal Agent

Nealon is the Principal Agent for J.O. Services Insurance

Was business administrator for non-profits for many years - moved to the other side of the desk and was an Employee Benefits Specialist for over 20 years.

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

Doug Broxson

Client Relations

Client Relations for J.O. Services Insurance

Doug Broxson is a Republican member of the Florida State Senate, representing the 1st district, which includes Escambia, Santa Rosa, and part of Okaloosa Counties in Florida's Panhandle, since 2016. Doug has been in the insurance and real estate business for more than 30 years.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Steve Manning

Service Manager

Steve is the Service Manager for J.O. Services Insurance

Steve leads the first class claims services at J.O. Services Insurance. His reputation has been built on dependability, doing what is right for the individual client and handling their problems with a level of passion and belief in overcoming odds and delivering top notch representation to each and every client he has assisted, for over 17 years.

Good is not enough you have to be great.